Saturday, August 25, 2007

Another conference in world

The SLCC - SecondLife Community Conference - is this weekend in chicago and in SL on a lot of different islands. I've been hanging mostly on artificial isle, the main site for hte conference in world. There are different tracks and (supposedly) audio streams for each. They've had serious issues iwth their audio - the conference organizers are blacking it on the hotel's internet infrastructure.

i've mostly been going tohte business trck - some of thepanels I missed because the audio went down. They say they're recording them to listen to later. That will be good.

I heard some good stuf tho - one thing we have to do is improve drastically the new user's experience if we want to grow the user base of SL. Groups are setting up their own orientation experiences and LL is very supportive of that development. I think this is something we could study in qual - the kids will be in that category (new users) so we can study ourselves. I need to come up with some ideas about how to study it.

Here's a pic of some of us listening to hte stream and chatting - that's me in the pink hair.

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