Sunday, April 15, 2007

Do these people think they're funny?

I was trying to explain SL to someone the other day (grown up, academic) and they're first comment was - oh i already have too much to do in my first life. FOllowed by the equally weird comment - but it's not real, why would you do that?

This happens all the time. I point out that movies, music, tv, books - not real. And we pay for those - - for the experience, for hte mental pleasure. And that SL is the same way except instead of following someone else's story, you get to make your own. You control what happens, you build stuff to suit you and your interests.

DOes anyone else get this type of comments? Any ideas how to address them - short of snorting in disgust and walking away (my first instinct)

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Alja Sulčič said...

Ah, I get this kind of comments every time I try to present a new technology/tool to most people :(

Incidentally, I recently wrote a post on how to deal with the not-having-enough-time excuse.

Basically, my conclusion is that with a careful presentation you can make some people understand why a new tool is good for them, but with some people there's nothing to do but walk away and wait for a more suitable time :)