Saturday, March 31, 2007

Virtual Worlds Conference

I got to go to the 1st annual virtual worlds conference in Manhattan in 3/28-29. The coolest part was seeing people in rl that I'd met in sl. I got to meet Greeter Dan from CNET and Adam Reuters from Reuters. I met a couple of LIndens, a couple of folks from Electric Sheep, saw Aimee Weber. Exciting!

Then there were a ton of panels - some got repetitive (maybe a one day deal?) maybe it will take a bit of time for the market to grow to include more companies, more builders,more folks with cool projects that they're willing to talk about (that was an issue this time - companies were like we have this cool projects but we can't tell ya how much it cost or the traffic - talk about aggravating!)

One thing to consider is the variety of virtual worlds - they have different target audiences, different concepts of openness, different economic models. Gotta understand the range better before recommending any one to a client (that was one big take away message)

I'll be writing up my notes - trying to make some sense out of all the talking and projects.

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Stella Stargazer said...

Interesting, if i had the money I would have flown to NYC from New York but from your short review, it seems I made the right decision and stayed put here. Do share more about the conference.