Thursday, June 09, 2011

I entered a build-off and discovered my inner archaeologist

Last weekend the Builder's Brewery had a build-off - - you get two hours and a strange random sculpty ...go build. That was the extent of the directions *laughs* So far no winner announced, but everybody gets a gift certificate to the store at the Builder's Brewery...lots of good textures there!

A lot of people took part in 4 heats over the weekend. Here are a couple of shots of some entries

Here are some pictures of my entry:

Here is the front on view of the piece - a torso on a table with some bones coming out the back, what looks like a spine, and a bits and pieces box. My random sculpty looked like a vertebrae to me..Or a tooth. The name of the piece is Alien Archaeology: Where does this piece go?

A side view

An overhead shot

This is a closeup of one piece - a box of bits and pieces, little bones, teeth that they haven't fit into the skeleton yet.

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