Saturday, March 26, 2011

Another Green Screen Attempt

ChromaKeyGreenScreenImage via Wikipedia - not me or my avatar!The only thing i could find online about the sort of xray look some of my green screen videos had was that iMOvie didn't like perfectly flat green screens, which was exactly what i had in SecondLife. So I redid the green screen, changed the surface to be kind of a rough plaster look to add a little variation to the. And I"ve been shooting me walking. I used an animation that i had so i walked in place, that way i didn't have to worry about the edges of the green screen.

Now i have to figure out the whole size far away to shoot the avatar to make them look normal size in the video. And where to put the camera.  The hard part..but at least I think with experimentation I can figure this part out.

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