Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Back into SecondLife

I hadn't been in SecondLIfe except for school stuff in awhile. But the last coule of weeks I remembered all the fun to be had there.

I went to an art gallery. I viisted a Dr. Who themed area and got a cyberman avatar. I heard a folklorist reading an amazing European fairy tale. I built a cave on my little piece of land and put in a waterfall. I"ve been trying to build a sound cube floor when when you bump into hte cubes the play strange sounds and change colors - got the sounds to work and found some interesting collections fo electrical and industrial sounds, but when I added the color, it broke. Stupid LSL And I went to a discussion of space exploration and watched the NASA TV stream of the film from when man landed on the Moon. It was the 40th anniversary of the landing. That made me feel old.

And I"ve talked to vampires and tiny rabbits and a wind up doll. I've been to classes on role playing. And visited a role play island that uses a combat HUD (tho I have to figure it out and learn how to shoot weapons. I got a blindfold to see about walking thru the sound cubes in the dark (since I can't figure out how to make it dark in my cave).

I bought new hair - don't laugh. Good hair and a new skin and my avie feels like a new woman!

I'm having fun. Building, creating, and socializing. The essence of SL to me.

(pictures to come tomorrow

And I
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