Saturday, January 06, 2007

Building more

I built a 2 story house - but small to fit my little plot of land. no room for stairs so i built a 2 story column to fly up to get to the 2nd story. Not too slick but it worked. Kind of like a fireman's pole(g)

I've been playing iwth textures too. I went to a class to make a trampoline and it was all done with textures. Very cool. The legs were one texture that was mostly transparent iwth a slanted line for hte legs. The top was another texture with a colorable middle and a black edget like a trampoline. Very cool. We got a sound and script to make us bounce too. I am going to try putting that script in a chair(g)

Here's a picture of an earlier house - the one with the curved class atrium. That's me in my fancy party dress sitting up in the air. I was trying to build a dome (for an observation dome on the top of a house but that didn't work out yet)

And here's a second picture - me standing on the wall in my party dress. Do houses really need roofs? or floors?(g) I bought this holiday dress because of the skirt and train. They're huge and they move - it's almost like they're alive. Very cool. And very unlike how I normally dress in SL - leather pants and jacket, tshirt and boots. Wait till the students get a few of me in my party clothes!

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