Tuesday, November 07, 2006

spent more time in the world lately

I haven't had time to play till recently. I just decided to make time and not do other things like grade papers

I started tgoing to classes to learn how to build things - i made a picture frame, a box that gives out notecards, and flowers. It's really cool - you can put scripts in objects to make them do things. Turns out there are tutorials on building and scripting at hte Ivory Tower so I'll be spenidng more time there this weekend.

The flowers were fun - but hte ideas carry over to making other things. You make a transparent very thin box, put the texture on first hte front and hten the back (not hte sides). Then ya copy that shape, rotate it, copy the new shape and rotate it so you end up with 4 copies of hte original flower all interlocked. When you wlak around it it looks 3D and solid. I wonder if that would work with other things. I"m going to try it with some other images

I also made a clear glass ball - actually i made it transparent and put stained glass on it as a texture. I dimpled it to make an entrance. I wanted ot make like a gerbil/hamster ball so i could run around the world inside it. But it is really amazing to stand inside looking out. I made a box with a transparent side, hollowed it out and got to stand inside it too - i floew up and then down the hollowed out spot - with boxes it hollows out fromt eh side, with the ball it hollowed out from the inside. Weird different. I'm going to keep working on the gerbil ball idea - that would be a lot of fun - could make it like a diving bell to go under the water! That's my goal.

Like a dummy i didn't take any pictures. But i put stuff in my inventory - so look for photos really soon.

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ipenda keynes said...

Kim, your blog is very interesting. In SL, I'm "Ipenda Keynes". I teach some classes similar to the ones you took at TeaZers. (even started out teaching there).

Do you mind if I add your blog to the list of links on mine? "http://ipenda-keynes.blogspot.com"