Friday, May 05, 2006

the class went well in the spring - now over summer break I have time to make some changes. I also have to figure out what ITS did to make it impossible to get the game to run in our computer lab in the last week of school (arggghhh). And I have to see if i can run it at all in a new lab in a different building (it sucks being the low man on the room reservation totem pole since I"m new in the department)

ideas for qual in the fall
- collect data for a magazine article about educational possibilities of SL - collaboration, draw of "fun" for new researchers
- readings about some basic topics we want to discuss in the game - place, time, gender, fun, flow, games - organize by topic, mix of academic and popular articles
- need more writing practice, more editing practice, more specific practice with bibliopgraphy stuff - finding articles, writing bibliography, intext citations. 
- need some specific practice exercises in the game, need some notecards, collection of stuff to play with, specific locations

- writing requirements - gonna be strict about a bibliography style, no right justify, more writing on the wiki

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